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Book a Limo or Party Bus to Avoid the Hassle of Parking at Yankee Stadium & CitiField

If you are planning to head into New York to support your favorite baseball team and enjoy America’s favorite past-time consider hiring a limo or party bus to take care of your transportation needs. Driving to the city has the tendency to always be a hassle – you need to navigate traffic, pay for parking in overpriced parking lots, struggle to find street parking, or rely on public transportation. However, none of these options allow you to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold beer during the game without having to worry about driving home after. 

The Safest Comfortable Transportation 

At Ambassador Limousine we pride ourselves on giving our customers the safest, most comfortable transportation. Our drivers are some of the best in the industry and are highly trained and professional. Plus they will be knowledgeable about your destination, the traffic, and the roads to ensure you feel safe leaving the driving in their hands.

A Better Alternative to Parking

Parking at stadiums for any sporting event is always a hassle. Between the long lines of traffic, difficulty finding a parking space, and having to walk far from distances the difficulty of parking can often outweigh the benefit of attending a game. Attending baseball games in the city makes parking even more of a challenge, parking lots close to the stadium can easily exceed $50, while street parking is sparse and comes with the risk of receiving a parking ticket. Another thing to consider is that if parking is far, you may still need to walk a far distance or hire public transportation or a shared car service to bring you to the entrance.

Why not alleviate all of these potential problems by giving yourself the peace of mind that you don’t need to worry about the stresses of parking in the city. 

A Better Alternative to Public Transportation

Public transportation within the city can be confusing and add up quickly. Trains can run late, subways have construction and car-share services can be unreliable. Plus taking public transportation from New Jersey into the Bronx or Queens will mean dealing with multiple transfers, extensive travel times, and will become costly. Plus you need to account for train or subway delays, and public car-share drivers that may not be reliable. Trains going to and from these stadiums are often crowded with little to no sitting room, all of which can make for an unpleasant experience.

Instead, let somebody else handle the details while you and your friends get ready for the big game. Then all you have to do is step out of your home and relax knowing our driver will take care of the rest until you arrive at Yankee Stadium or CitiField.

Book a Car Service for Yankee Stadium or MetLife Stadium Today

When you book a limo, car service or party bus for your next baseball outing you can rest assured that our vehicle will be waiting for you right outside of Yankee Stadium or Citi Field post-game so you can simply jump in and relax during the ride home. 

For smaller groups or couples, we have comfortable town cars like our Lincoln MKT Town Car or our Chrysler 300 Limo.  For larger groups our first-class party bus limos can fit 30 to 40 passengers, so you and all of your friends can go root for your favorite team together. Don’t miss out on the true baseball experience, give us a call today and book one of our limousines for your event.

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