Wedding Transportation Trends – Typical to Out of this World

Many people have strong feelings about how they want to get to their weddings.  More couples are going outside of the box with unique and special touches on every aspect of their nuptials. Wedding transportation trends are getting more and more creative as the years go on since people are injecting more of their own personalities into the big day. So if you want to ride up on a white horse and carriage, you aren’t alone. The sky’s the limit with wheels or wings to get to your wedding event. Here are some of the best trends in transportation from the typical to the non-traditional that you might want to consider for your own wedding.

Traditional Wedding Transportation

A traditional mode of transportation obviously includes the chauffeur-driven limousine. It’s estimated that is still the most popular method of transportation, but some may feel that it’s too reminiscent of going to their high school prom. Plus with larger wedding parties popular now, with upwards of 10-20 attendants, more accommodating transportation is needed. That’s where a wedding party bus or even a decked out tour bus comes in handy and is a more typical wedding transportation option. That way you can accommodate larger groups of people in one giant vehicle. If you still like the concept of the limousine, you can go with some of the newer styles such as Chrysler 300 stretch limos or Hummer stretch limos. They add a bit of a trendy edge to the transportation festivities. In those larger style vehicles, they usually have big-screen televisions, fully stocked bars, and some are even tall enough for a stripper pole. Although that might be better reserved for the bachelor party.

When money isn’t a consideration, you can even go with a stretch Ferrari Limousine, if you dare. That’s one way to show up in style to your dream day. At least the groom will probably be excited about a sports car limousine in racing color red.

If you can’t afford the Ferrari limousine, but you love vintage cars, you can opt to rent a few of those for the wedding party. A vintage Rolls Royce Limo, Bentley, or Aston Martin can have you feeling like James Bond from the 60’s, which is super cool! There are many private companies that will rent out these types of vehicles for your event, or check with local auto shows that might have connections to people that own vintage cars, who would be willing to loan them out for a fee.

Ambassador limo offers the classic Rolls Royce Limo for your wedding, just give us a call at 800-979-9663.

Extreme Wedding Transportation

Not that this is such an unusual of a method of transportation, but if your venue or reception is along a marina or other waterway, you can opt to cruise up to the party in a speedboat. party barge, or even a yacht if it’s in your budget. That’s one way to show up using a fun and unique transportation for your wedding.

Or if you want to truly make a princess style entrance, a horse-drawn carriage is a nifty way to have that “Cinderella” moment you crave. Many people are turning to interesting methods to show up at the reception. Horses and even dogsleds are being used depending on where you live in the United States. For example, if you live in Alaska, it’s much easier to rent a dogsled team for the afternoon then if you live in Florida.

Indian weddings typically have the groom ride up on a white horse as a tradition. Horses, in general, are easy to come by in the Western states, like Texas, where your wedding might take place on an upscale ranch.

Out Of This World Unusual Transportation

To really make a grand entrance to your wedding day, you could always rent a helicopter for you and your attendants as a creative wedding transportation option. Although most helicopters can only carry up to six passengers, so this is better for a smaller wedding party. This could work for the bride and groom alone as well to have a few moments to spend together, just the two of you before the reception starts. Flying above the trees as husband and wife for the first time together would be extremely memorable. However you choose to get to your wedding, the transportation can be a reflection of you as a couple, so be as creative and fun with it as you desire. The important part is that everyone makes it to the ceremony on time!

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