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Prom Facts You Never Knew!

Prom is not only a huge event in America but also all around the world. It is the time (other than Sweet 16s and Quinceaneras) for girls to enter into womanhood. It is a great event for boys and girls who want to enjoy their last few months as Juniors or Seniors approaching graduation. Finding the perfect dress or renting the hottest and stylish limo can be hard. With the right amount of research, you will be able to get the best deals and stay stress-free on your prom night!

Believe it or not, prom has evolved into this extravagant event that most people compare to as their pre-wedding experience. Take a few minutes to learn prom facts that you might not have known before!

Prom Facts:

  • A girl usually tries on 10 dresses before she finds the perfect prom ensemble!
  • Corsages were meant for the waist!
  • Teens usually spend $1,500 on their prom including tickets, limo, dresses, and flowers!
  • 62% of prom-goers take home memorabilia to remember their prom night
  • 15% of girls see prom as equal importance as their wedding
  • Prom Industry earns about $4 Billion each year!
  • The average prom proposal costs $325
  • Most girls shop for their dress 3 months before their prom.

Guess famous Prom Queens

Before they were famous these four girls were titled Prom Queen! Can you guess who they are from the clues we provided?

1. Can you guess who this is?


  • She has been nominated for a record-breaking 21 Academy Awards but has only won 3
  • She is also known as the \”best actress of her generation\”
  • She was trained at the age of 12 to become an opera singer. She sang live in the movie \”Into the Woods\”
(Scroll down to see the answer)

2. Who is this blonde beauty?


  • Singer and Songwriter
  • She is one of the owners of the Miami Dolphins
  • She believes \”Big Girls Don\’t Cry\” and is always \”Glamourous\” on the red carpet
(Scroll down to see the answer)

3. Who’s that girl?


  • Won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 (and is the only black woman to do so)
  • Runner-up in the 1985 Miss USA pageant
  • She was a Bond Girl and has played Catwoman
(Scroll down to see the answer)

4. Who won the Prom queen crown?


  • American Actress
  • Known for the popular NBC comedy, Parks & Recreation
  • Went to the same high school as Kim Kardashian and was nominated as \”Most Likely to  Succeed\”
(Scroll down to see the answer)

History of Prom!

Proms date back to the 1900s and started smaller than you think. They first started as tea parties then evolved as an event for colleges that students would gather in a hall or gymnasium. They would dress to impress and spent the night socializing and dancing. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when high schools started having proms which ultimately made the event more formal.

Crowning students as Prom King and Queen, and having corsages as a staple prom accessory did not start until the 50s.

In 1975 Susan Ford (President Gerald Ford’s daughter) invited her peers to the White House to have their prom! Her father was not in the states that night so the Secret Service took it upon themselves to be the chaperones. It was held in the East Room. Once the night was over the students went on the Presidential yacht and cruised underneath the stars!

During the late 60’s through early 70’s Prom was on a decline because of the major societal changes in the world such as the civil rights movement and Vietnam War. Students focused on fighting for change and peace instead of focusing on attending proms. During the 1980’s movies such as Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and Back to the Future brought prom back to high school and ultimately made the event more popular. Guess the famous prom queen answers:

(1. Meryl Streep   2. Fergie   3. Halle Berry   4. Rashida Jones)

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