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NYC Rooftop Lounges, Bars, and Clubs by Party Bus

Rooftop Bar in NYC

There is no better way to see NYC than from up above. By visiting one or multiple rooftop bars in New York City, you can see all that the city offers from views normally only the rich could afford. Is it your birthday, anniversary, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just another weekend to let loose? Then let’s go and party SAFELY with a party bus or limo by Ambassador Limo and Party Bus. (o ...[Read More]

Party Buses: Club Hopping in Style and Safety

Party Buses: Club Hopping in Style and Safety

Arrive and Leave in Style with NJ Party Buses The best method to arrive and leave the scene of a party might strike your curiosity.  Some people like to dress or look a certain way, when they arrive to a party, a business meeting, or social event.  They might even coordinate their clothing identically to establish a trend between each other.  Some events may even require you to present yourself wi ...[Read More]