Countdown Guide to Getting Ready For Prom

Are you the person to plan for something months in advance or are you the person who waits until the week before to worry about it?

For some boys and girls, attending prom is a huge event of their teenage years and they have been dreaming about the day to wow everyone. But for some, prom is the last thing they are thinking about when senior trip and graduation are around the corner.

Don’t worry though! Whatever your stance on Prom is, our guide to help keep you ready and get you prepare for prom will ensure that you will have the best night ever and that you will have everything under control!

Use our prom countdown to ease your nerves and enjoy the process!

There are a lot of aspects that go into prom planning that most people forget. Don’t be one of those people! It is important to consider everything. Here\’s our complete prom guide: VENUE AND THEME

The first thing to consider in this prom planning guide is where is the prom going to be? Is it an outdoor venue or maybe there is a lot of stairs to climb before getting to the actual event?

What is the theme? Do you want to dress the part to compliment the theme or go against it? BUDGET

How much money do you want to spend for your prom night? Keep this in mind while shopping for items such as dresses and tuxedos. Prom can become shockingly expensive if you don\’t pay attention to what you are spending! LIMO

Do you want to drive to prom by yourself, with your date, or riding in style a limousine with your friends? It is important to decide this soon! Contact us for special prom quotes to ensure that you are getting the best deals. As you can see there is a lot that goes into making sure you have the perfect prom, which yes can be overwhelming for any student, but we want to make your life easier!

4 months until Prom

Get your mind and body healthy! We don’t recommend that you lose weight to fit into a dress but simple changes in your lifestyle will not only make you feel great and stronger, but will guarantee that you will be ready to dance all the way through prom!

Try working out if you don’t already. All it takes is 30-45 minutes 3 times a week.

Yoga, simple walks around the neighborhood, or running can do wonders!

Eat healthier!

Limit your processed foods and sugars and if you don’t already start taking vitamins to make sure you are healthy and happy on your big day!

Like always please contact your doctors before changing any diets and lifestyle choices, what is great is that everyone’s bodies are different. You must embrace your differences. What works for one person might not work for everyone else!

Stay safe and stay happy!

3 months until Prom

So you are feeling great and ready for prom! Great, the next step is to focus on the fun part. PROM DRESS SHOPPING!

Spend some time finding dress shops near you and plan a day when you want to go and try on dresses! It might take you one day or maybe thirty days to say yes to the prom dress, but don’t worry YOU will find the perfect dress for you!

Feeling confident? This is the perfect time to go and find a date for prom! But don’t worry you do not need a date to have fun, spend this memorable night with your best friends!

2 months until Prom

Time to get transportation!

Talk to your friends or date about what you want to do about planning for how you all are going to get to and from the venue and any plans you may have afterward.

Ambassador Limo designs each of their exclusive Prom limo packages to ensure that you and your friends have a fun, safe, and memorable Prom. We want everyone to enjoy prom and have the best experience as possible. That being said we make sure that all prices for our prom packages are realistic and affordable.

This is great for your pockets because now you have extra cash to buy those super cool shoes and accessories that will make everyone green with envy!

1 months until Prom

Wow! Your prom night is so close but still so far away! Spend time focusing on the small but still oh so important elements such as, planning for pictures, having the perfect makeup, getting the proper undergarments for your outfit, and testing any new products such as spray tans and face washes.

When it comes to pictures, plan a place with a perfect backdrop where you and your friends or date would want to take them. Maybe you have a gorgeous gazebo at your home and you want to take pictures there! Make sure that someone has a camera that will capture high-quality pictures!

Meet up with your friends for a fun night out or night in, get spa items to play with, snacks, and sit down with a rom-com. Have a relaxing time with your best friends.

2 weeks until Prom

Try on your prom outfit one more time to make sure you don’t need any last minute alterations. If you do, this is the perfect time to go! If you want to go that extra step in your beauty routine now is the time to try teeth whitening strips.

4 days until Prom

Try on your dress with your undergarments, accessories, shoes, and dance around your room. This is the time to make sure nothing is uncomfortable.

If your shoes are too tight or your jewelry is too heavy you now have 4 days to either buy online and get it shipped to your mailbox or go out to the store.

This is also the perfect time to get spa ready.

Beauty specialists recommend getting waxing done 4 days before an event to make sure your skin isn’t irritated. So treat yourself and go to the local salon and set an appointment!

2 days until Prom

Give yourself a facial and a deep conditioning treatment for your hair! This is the time to get a spray tan if you want one. Pro tip: wear loose clothing that you don’t care will get stained.

1 day until Prom

Make a checklist of everything you need for your big day! No one wants to worry about forgetting anything during the getting ready process of prom. Steam your dress if you need to, get a manicure and pedicure, and get ready for the time of your life!

Prom Night

Finally! The day you have been waiting for has arrived!

It is important to give yourself extra time to get ready. When you get home from school don’t sit around! Do something productive such as putting on makeup!

Pro tip: It is very important is to eat a snack before you go to prom. It is easy to forget to eat or stay hydrated of your prom night which can ultimately make you not feel like you are on top of your game.

You never know if you are going to need that extra time.

But always remember just to go with the flow and have fun at prom!

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