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Bashakill Vineyards

What started as a dream became a reality thanks to the warm air flowing from the Bashakill Wetlands protecting 4 acres (over 600 grape vines!) during the harsh winters in New York

Bashakill Vineyards embraces the weather with their seasonal wines and beers. They organically grow Marquette, Cayuga, Arandell, and Aramella grapes. Brew their very popular Snow Owl beer on site, use local food and ingredients from local farms, and so much more!

So come, SIP back and enjoy all the activities Bashakill Vineyards have to offer!

Great for Parties!

Depending on the time of when you want to have your wedding or any party for that matter it is important to figure out what season you would like to have it!


Perfect for weddings, the land is bursting with beautiful wildflowers, hundreds and hundreds of poppies throughout the fields, barrels, and flower beds.


This is the perfect time to take a look at their vines and all the grapes that are beginning to form. There is lavender and Zinnias everywhere you turn. It is truly a magical place to be during the Summer.


Zinnias are still in bloom, Queen Anne\’s Lace start to fill the vineyard with its bright and pure white petals and the grapes are ripening. This is the most romantic time to have your wedding or to visit the vineyard with your significant other.

What makes Bashakill Vineyard different?

They care about the environment and what goes into their New York wines!

Bashakill Vineyard is currently implementing several biodynamic practices. In 2009 and 2010 they introduced chickens to their vineyard to control pests and provide organic fertilizer. They also have 8 Babydoll Southdown sheep to help manage weeds and fertilize at the same time!

Building a sanctuary that allows them to provide their guests with the best wines reflect on their organic practices which produce flavorful grapes.

Bashakill Vineyards also have an amazing wine cave that gives them their perfect temperature to store barrels.

Always Something To Do!

Just drinking wine can be boring but at Bashakill Vineyard we are certain you do not have to worry about boredom anymore!

Hungry? Food is available from the time in this New York vineyard is open till it closes!

Want a day with your favorite furry four-legged friend? Dogs can come and hang out as long as they are on a leash!

Love music? Every Sunday and Saturday from 2pm – 6pm will have LIVE MUSIC at the vineyard!

Need something to do? Ping Pong and Cornhole games are available to play, and every Saturday and Sunday morning YOGA is available.

Not a fan of wine or don\’t drink alcohol? No problem! Beer, wine, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, water, iced tea, and kombucha are all available.

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